Wasn’t I just saying…


“This will teach her to leave me in the car” Johnny said to himself with a maniacal giggle

… that there are some people that have absolutely no business having children? Never fear! Horrible, irresponsible parents everywhere can now relax! I present: Child Minder car seat sensor

Do you lose or misplace things often? Do you have short or long-term memory problems? Have you ever wished there was a way for you to be reminded that your little bundle of joy was in the back seat? Today is your lucky day!

The $69 system uses a sensor pad that’s slipped underneath the padding on a car seat, and a fob that attaches to the driver’s keys. The pad detects the child’s weight, and if it’s separated from the fob by more than 15 feet while the child is seated, an alarm sounds to remind the parent-of-the-year that they’ve left their little one unattended in the vehicle.

Absolutely goddamn ridiculous. If you are so self-involved/absent-minded/irresponsible that you don’t remember that the small person you gave life to is sitting in the back seat then your children should be taken from you pronto-style.


3 thoughts on “Wasn’t I just saying…

  1. And yet I read recently about a father (down in Florida?) who was supposed to take his infant to daycare, forgot the infant was in the car, drove to work and left the infant in the car all day. In the Florida sun.

    Yeah, the kid died. The “excuse”? He didn’t normally take the kid to daycare, so he spaced it out.

    Yeah, definitely, definitely, definitely, some people shouldn’t be allowed to spawn.

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