A Theory on Quantum Physics

I’m not going to fully Imageexplain quantum physics because it would take entirely too long and I still don’t entirely understand it. However, I will add to it’s current theories. If you have any knowledge of it already then you have probably heard of the Copenhagen interpretation. Stephen Hawking and Richard Feynman support this theory, which has probably contributed to its growth in popularity. If you don’t have any knowledge of it then I shall attempt to explain as cohesively as possible.

The theory is that; because in Quantum physics anything can happen, it does, causing a multiverse. Originally it was thought that anything can and does happen until it is observed – which then causes it to choose one of the infinite possibilities – giving you one outcome. (Observed is a slightly loose term because they haven’t defined what needs to be doing the observing.) The difference in the Copenhagen interpretation is that ‘observation’ is not needed to cause the existence of one certain outcome. Instead, every outcome that could happen does, thus creating an infinite amount of parallel universes. For example; in one parallel universe you could have missed the bus and walked home. In another, you could have been run over by the bus and died. In another, you made the bus and got home on time. All of these possibilities could have – and did – happen.

So my theory is this; what if the feeling of deja vu is actually caused by our observable time line (or universe) intersecting with one of the other infinite possibility of universes? We feel like something has happened before because in fact, it already has. I think of alternate realities as waves, like waves of light or vibrations. Some are faster frequencies, some are slower, and all are unique based upon each tiny variation of possibility. Deja vu is when two waves – or realities – intersect just long enough for each to have a slight consciousness of the other.

I’m curious if ever we would be able to prolong the feeling of déjà vu.. or capitalize on it to somehow throw ourselves into awareness of that parallel universe. I suppose probably not because with infinite probability it isn’t just our decisions that are taken into effect but literally everyone elses as well. To narrow down a parallel universe to find the exact one to which you’ve intersected would be almost literally impossible.

I’ll be adding to this theory as I continue to think on it. 


5 thoughts on “A Theory on Quantum Physics

  1. I’ve been musing on this lately so thank you for putting it into the words I could not. You just blew my mind.

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